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Related article: Date : Saturday, 22 November 33 00th May 1999 -0500 ( CDT ) From: TV comedy. net Subject: "Beneath the Surface" ( gay men or boyfriends ) I have one for you ! The writing bug seems to be stick me in a moment! Give me suggestions or questions You can in comedy ' tv. net, or stop by the website has to http://www. comedy. net (! Do not forget to sign the guestbook) - "Beneath the Surface" - Old same thing, day after day. The same old faces, same old body, the usual times the usual falsetto. I know she said it does puberty that a little self - conscious and critical, but it was completely ridiculous. This was not just in my head, it was not a dream brought to you by Tiny Nn Models Jon factory "Dream" ( that's me). That was ugly, plain and simple. Nobody will take me into thinking not fool s different. I was willing to live with it, I was ready just to get to the stimulus alone, and if people could see beyond my mistakes, then hell with them. ie I do not knowrn the girl is leading my other friends. Hell, there was still little Mikey a girlfriend before me, and is 2 years younger than me. At 13 years old, the past must be stage with my mother tells me I'm beautiful, but Tiny Nn Models because it was a is the only people who never actually said it was nice to hear once in for a time. The phrase "a face only a mother could love " comes to mind. Nobody called me ugly, but I had to think about it. I mean, why do I'm not invited to big parties, why not laugh girls if happens in the corridors of why he was not the popular one with n a shitload of friends I followed everywhere I went ? I have the scanned the whole school looking for someone who could be a good match for me, a companion, a friend suggested... Hell, even with a bully me for my lunch money every day I would, at least some attention from someone. I can not change it now, so I could get with the rest of my life, solitary existence, since it can be. I am inclined Avoid is the mirror in the morning when I wash, but all from time to time to see if maybe, just maybe, I'll be delighted to see reflection, I fired again. I am not. Wild, dark brown hair that seems stuck in a perpetual bad hair day, failure in my dark brown s eyes. Rheumy eyes. Thin lips, perhaps too thin, but forgave to try to make it look bigger. A little hint freckled on the bridge of the nose... Once summer is here, will be held to as a madman. I can not really say that when I lean or not, is not likely. Who am I that stupid, I'm probably too fat. Yes, if I can really difficult to tweak reaching nearly one full centimeter skin on the sides. I think my nipples are too crooked. They do not look good. What kind of cruel joke is the man up, playing on me, twisted my nipples ? ? ? Sigh... Maybe I will calm down with a beautiful blind girl and live happily ever after. is only say that I look like Brad Renfro... not that we know it, so Brad Renfro looks like.. but they know better than me. and s why I'm looking in the mirror today anyway ? I have to go to school. I always hated "The week of transition. " You know, that after the first week Get the report card and starts a new part of the semester? All his classes can be changed and what all the friends he has made ​​moves at all times, there are different classes. I think the Faculty do in order to keep students in Tiny Nn Models front of good friends. , because if we know all tied together, would take over the articulation of the will also be given during the first week after report cards, most of my friends are based, or doing homework after school anyway, so could only go home and wallow in my ugliness for a while and pick the strength to return to school the next day. Since I had just sitting in a stupid science class, hoping to see a familiar face walk by the door, and soon realized that everyone who could also always has been, \\ \\ n you would not come. What's the worseand it seemed that everyone knew that and others. This was obviously not going to be my best class. Just before the bell rang, the last child entered the room. Someone who had never seen before in my life, one of those pretty boys North no doubt. One suburb of children, where everyone has a white Pickett fence, a closet full of designer clothes, and a two car garage with a basketball hoop outside. One of those guys who meet with his family at Christmas to roast chestnuts on a burning hundred dollar bills. I could feel my stomach turn, was the whole class became quiet and all eyes to see, like girls, boys, all standing. that s was disgusting. The guy was absolutely spotless. The best golden blond hair liquid was created, hanging from his jaw. Smooth creamy skin that looked like a puddle of warm milk, just had to be easy bruising, it looked so damn sensitive. He had the eyes of the ocean easy blue slope that could easily be invasiven to your opinion, your eyes and lips that are perfect for that eyes with its competitors for attention. Hipped, with sensuous curves in the right places , broad shoulders, flat stomach... God.... I hated him already. so of course, and I could hear the fate hystericaly laugh at me if goes, comes and sits on the seat next to me! So now we divides a table? Beauty and the Beast. Great, just great. And let me I think it's the nice guy of the law? " Hey... what 's going on? " He says. I knew it. Sigh... Well, looks like is about to become one of the most popular kid in school, how people stared at him, so it's better for me to get on her good side. The last s what I want is the student 's future Chairman of the Purchase football team to get to my ass. " Hello yourself. " I said, looking back at the front of the room. that was Tiny Nn Models polite enough, right? He did not say much more, has started only to deepen his pocket and held for the Tiny Nn Models rest of silenceCategory. I think it would have been a little nicer, not your fault, s is like a teenage supermodel. But it was just ' something special ' in me that I always hated how the boys. perhaps was only envy. I mean, with their appearance, it seemed that the set World was in the palm of their hands now. He had all the pretty girls I wanted. Probably going to lose her virginity to end years if you do not already. Probably also a teacher! He probably would to get a good paying job that just gave because it was very hot, and would then be in the eye of his boss, man, woman, whatever, and he for advancement and pay raises for little of nothing. Then he went to sleep with the chief and vice president of the company. Sex and support... how big is that? He had a beautiful wife, beautiful children, money, power, fame... all I wanted. I bet that was not crooked nipples. Why keep the other kids looked at him like that? Why that there could be sittingelsewhere? They are so obviously as well, sometimes I will ask you to pass the notes! Arrrgh ! What a life! As soon as class was over, took a couple of the guys in the room to imagine. Well, it seems that friends also instant Another thing I hate about it. And take it off, but not before leaving. "See you tomorrow? " He said. "Anyway, I kind of have to Tiny Nn Models be here, you know. " I replied. reached out and gave me that smile, "What are you name return" " Never gave it. " I said. It seemed a little hurt, and that his eyes are a little more. I thought it was a bit rude. I mean, is going to have to make some friends here, after all, so it can be good start on the right. "Jon, my name is Jon. " I said, and shook hands apathetic. He smiled and seemed a little easier in the over. No I guess I thought one of those people who left their everything for him because of his appearance. I do not. Iwill be condemned if I give someone a puppet in the eighth has become the class. I'll save that for marriage. ' Cool. My name is Oren. See you tomorrow. " Then he grabbed his stuff y left. Now he seemed very proud of themselves all of a sudden not? Probably wanted to take control of all thought he had damaged only a pawn in the school, which would be impossible to break. I watched as he left the classroom, happy, almost jumping. perfect hair, perfect teeth, her perfect body, her perfect ass his voice perfect the perfect size / weight proportional slim teen frames... Damn this man was in a lab or something built ? not only do him, but I saw ' him to others. What would not I n knows it's only for a day. to Tiny Nn Models be, that being sexy and do not know, , be beautiful and soft and tender... what the hell is I ? Well, it's time go home and break the Playboys, before wasting time y strange turn. Well, Tiny Nn Models it was in the first weekand trying day by day, and Tiny Nn Models Oren several times to my best friend. I just do not get it, put it in a cross- , where he was to talk to other people with me. Once you the past in the room, and the hot girl talks to him and he interrupted mid-sentence, just to say hello. Whatever. During the week second was worse. He would come and would do during class easy and in their day to day and his family and his dog and the parrot of your dentist and he took his leave, when I was ten, and all kinds of n things. The professor looked back and he would line up to coast was clear, and then would start all over again. Out of all the children of The whole damn school, who could have spoken, he chose me. I guess that at the time the third week was done, I had used the whole idea of ​​ that says that things are never finished. After a while that it is bothers me, and I actually 'belongs' to what he had to walk over, and you know it was not all tha bad boy. usually just sit there and accept it and throws in a nod or a smile, , so he thought I was hearing, but said that one day something hillariously fun fun, and I laughed. I really laughed. As difficult as was almost impossible to keep it in I laughed, I held my breath, I put my hands over my mouth... But the more he tried to avoid the worst was. It was just the funniest thing I've heard, and I had to ask excuse to take a drink of water. Everything that could go that room before the teacher sent me to the office! The look on his face Oren was priceless, as I was very happy to finally have gotten is any reaction from me. I was able to repeat the fun for you, but you probably would not. I returned to the room, wiping the tears from the my eyes and feel the pain in the stomach, laughing, smiling and Oren friendly to my n. I sat back, and he just looked at me a bit, so satisfied with getting a place out of me for a change. he LeaneWe smiled d look at my face, and when I returned to him, he laughed merrily playfully nudged me. As far as I'm concerned, no more hate than the blonde next to me, God is love, but it was as bad as I thought it would. was almost like magic the next day, when in all honesty did happy to see him. He sat beside me and looked me straight in the eye, Look, if yesterday was a fluke, but I assured him it easier by returning a playful impulse, he gave me the day before. It s blushed and laughed before me. and all with the class, we looked at each other and laughed quietly to us. There was nothing really funny, but for some reason this is what made ​​us laugh. The fact that they laughed at us at all Lands us a reason to laugh. Moreover, every time we find that classes together, I n this feeling little nervous in the stomach, and I so twisted that kept me smiling throughout most of the day. odd. short time, talking in class was having lunch together, and that turned into phone conversations and Internet chat, and I think that might say, had become best friends. At first I thought maybe it I was just holding the Ugly Kid around him look better to before all others. Then I thought maybe I just wanted to make sure he could control me the way everyone does. However, after the first 4 weeks after her around, I began to realize that we were together, there were "other. " In fact, it seemed by the other children to put aside every time I saw him coming, and was a feeling wonderfully warm. My other friends who had left all this dot n, where n her heart to devote to her new friends and every moment with them. I missed you all bad, but Oren was more than happy to have me around, and it seemed that everything is better. came to my house for the first time, and wmore than happy to be is. Suburbia was sure Mr. making fun of my little cracker the box of a room, but he did not even seem to notice. We settled on the bed y spoke and only what must have been about an hour and talked average. No TV, no music, no video games, nothing. And there never was a quiet moment in the room. That's when, suddenly, Oren said to nowhere, "I'm so glad I met you on the first day. I worried that I , without any friends... Of course, no to wait to do the best to s friend. " I returned that tingling sensation in the stomach, but this was more, and was spreading. In my arms, my legs... my heart. I to know exactly what was happening, but I tried to stop ignoring it, but would not leave. In fact it was even more minute , and when I saw this vision of a child who was perfect in somehow bothered me much sooner. I was without words, and Oren account of the breakdown of our conversationtion and looked set to me nervous for a second. "... Did I say something wrong? " " I can make a serious question Pray ? " " Sure. Forward. " had not been in my head from day one, and now, were there, for all purposes, best friends, I thought now was my chance to do. "Why do I mean? I, which can be picked up by someone who is already on the school bus, with why have you chosen me ? " I thought for a second, I gives a strange look. "They have fetch Jon. It seemed kind of cool to me and I started easy. that's all. " " But I was a fool you at first. And yet they are still I wanted to be Friends. "" Well.. maybe that's why. you were " honest. " is not simply jump and climb all over me, like some of these other children. I think it was a nice change. " I suddenly felt lost in your eyes, blue eyes wonderfuly. I had to look away, but his face demanded my attention. I could not the end, it Tiny Nn Models was the craziest thing I had ever experienced. It was the only way.. .. so... confusing pleasant to me. So perfect, so delicate was... I or the air was getting thinner and thinner in it. " To become the ugliest, lonely child in school, with friends? " " You.... You think you're ugly ? " He said. Wow, this is what you not talk ugly, which is designed to make me feel good about myself. " You're not ugly Jon. Now, our science teacher... It's horrible !" He chuckled. smiled a little, but suddenly I felt so terrible. I do not even deserve it, in Tiny Nn Models the same room with someone as beautiful. What to see Oren if one looked in the mirror in the morning? What he wanted to see if I looked ? If I have only half the fun, not for me, , but for him. I did everything I wanted in the world and much more. I wanted him to look at me and see the same beauty and grace that I have seen in it. I wanted to be your sun, I wanted to think and dream About me every day, I wanted to take his eyes he could not be. And the fact that I was not one of thosthings and I felt so empty. saw the sincerity in his eyes and said, "Dude, trust me good, you're right. " " Do not say that, okay, let it simply forgot you do not know what n ?. that's it. "" What do you mean ? " suddenly I was overcome with the urge to bend down and kiss amazing and the luscious lips of ruby red of his. I tried to fight for forget about it, but it was so much. I tried to rationalize it s all in my head. Trying to pretend that Mr. Gentle was only reminds me of a girl I thought. It did not work. I loved him, could not help but love him. I could not stop looking, could not fail to think, I could not help but wish I was someone else, nobody Tiny Nn Models else. I wanted to keep his body lean in my youth, so fragile and soft, and feel the beat of your heart as your body heat is mixed with the mine. God wanted him bad I could taste it. But then I remembered who I was... and Tiny Nn Models I realized that these feelings were just a waste of in time. " I mean, you never know who is not in game the attention or the gaze of, or the large group of friends. Never know , since it is twice as hard trying to impress someone who hate, or His own reflection s. not know how lonely it is. " Pray I looked into his eyes, his piercing baby blues only through my soul and I extremely uncomfortable. Wow was hot ! Seemed more attractive by the second, and he was here really excites me. The mental images of him and I together was worse, and I imagined that we kiss, rolled on the bed and moaned soft and touching each other, as we have given our young lust. " It think just because people think I'm cute, I have no problem ? " " You have your whole life for you, Oren. People compete and worship the ground on which leave. you do not know what it is, I think this alone is not someone you love. do you know what is wants nothing but heartache is tor expect in the future ? "" Do you know what it's like those hearts, Jon ? Do you think Breaking a kick out of it? You say you do not know what he says is only, and you have no idea. You know how it feels to have of people look at me all the time, be able to see where I go? People go looked at me and told me he loves me and wants to be with me. I can not have suddenly without a good friend to say that I love and can not Tiny Nn Models live without me. And then when you tell them you Tiny Nn Models want to try to be friends , it's like I hate not feeling the same way. Do I lose my friends, because they say they can not find Tiny Nn Models around me as if you are only be friends. Some girls just throw themselves at me and I feel guilty, because I do not like. Types jealous and choose to be, hate me without reason. Then they say they do not want me hanging around them because they are all afraid, I 'm going to steal their girlfriends ot so. Yes, believe me, I know what lonliNess goes. " was almost ready to mourn, wallow in self pity my own, as he said, Dass looked at me and tried to see his face, but as soon as my eyes met, I that best not realized as everyone else. never thought a himself as a homosexual in front of Oren wine, but right now I knew it was just a crazy feeling, or feeling nervous... I was in love. total love. not ask me how I knew, I just did. was wrong, I know, but it felt so good. I was as bad as the other person in his life, falling for his charm and good looks and makes is the object of my desires. I could not help me, he just had this nice aura around him that came from each of its discharge. was out cute, he was sooo beautiful, so perfect and beautiful, and if.... I only had the words to say to him. If I had it in a more intimate to his s. hurt my heart, my head hurt I did not know what do. Oren went on just as if he had waited to give his life, this speech s of leaving everything to someone who would listen for a change. "I begin to wonder if all the friends I've ever had a friend at all. I n view of to people and try to have a meaningful conversation, and I see a eyes glazed, and I know that you're not listening. most people cares what I have to say. or hate my guts, or are completely obsessed with me and I 'm tired of it. half of them are s usually too scared to talk to me, expect the other half favors only some patients sex me, the second we met. I'm tired of the older boys look me in the mall, I'm tired of congratulations is always embarrassing Tiny Nn Models to in front of everyone, I'm tired of losing friends because of how I look. I have feelings too you know. Do you have any idea how many times I tell this joke, from I was ten years old? you were the first person who was once listening closely enough to get it. "" was me? "I said, chuckling a bit actually leave the store. as I said, I would not. mineraln saw me laughing and came over to me more nervous than it already was. " See? Listen. You're not the only scratch or looked at me like everyone else. 's Why you love, For the first time in my life I found someone that makes me I feel that s nothing. "I tried to smile for him, but made ​​his words me sick. He looked at me as such a Tiny Nn Models good friend, like a big difference of any other I had ever known... and here I was falling, even deeper in love with every word. Why should I be? Why would turn it off ? This was an amazing guy, wonderful, the best friend of my s in the world, pouring out his heart and soul within me, and all I could do was think about how wonderful it would be like to give a kiss. that knelt down and got to where I was sitting in bed, , and he took my hands in hers. 'N I'm very glad that Jon. You are so special to me. Strange, but I've never been so close to someone before in myLives. I like you, okay ? " when it happened, my thoughts turned from confused and innocent, kissing to sexual health. I would never get beyond a picture of a cute , but his blue eyes looked hidden wires behind blond hair turned gold just was like, I have always been hard. I drawing of her beautiful naked body on me fast, grinding, Set, shining with a thin layer of sweat. his tongue in my the mouth, not heavy, but powerful. her perfect ass, my fingers pressed , as he moaned my name in my ear tenderly out. the I \\ \\ n hand... my hand! was in my eyes stared without saying a word, and I I thought, is all I have to do is lean forward. only a few inches. started, whether all our friends, all asking, had built between us, would be worthwhile for a sweet kiss. only , a simple kiss, Tiny Nn Models her lips so soft and tender... how could hate someone that loved him so much. Perhaps he would understand,maybe he would not do Ghost. Oh, if I could, which is a great time to share with him, would have to love them enough to last me a lifetime. We continue to see more and fast for a second I could have sworn I saw a spark something in his eyes shine, who knows me knows that he can understand. I saw what I was feeling back to me in those eyes glorious liquid, and this time was a reflection better than ever dreamed, and I was happy with what I saw. I thought maybe it was perhaps my " character " was. I was so head s head over heels in love so suddenly, I do not know what to do. I said to How smooth and soft his hands were of genes, and thought about what to to be an excellent kisser. I wanted to act, to say something, do something, I was right in front of all that had to do, which was open. But in my opinion, the best of me, returned my insecurities, and left him. " Thanks to Oren. You... you're a good friend. Can Count on Me. " The two got up,and share an awkward moment before stammering, " Yeah.. good friends. show... uh... I have to go home... my mom and dad o worries. " \\ \\ n " Sure, " I replied. "See you in class tomorrow, then. " " Well... well, I'll be there. " Pray then made ​​a second, before give me a hug and folded his arms around my love neck. It was one of the hugs that lasted a little longer than necessary, and it felt like shaking. Then back up, n looking for some kind of reaction from to me, and when he saw, he turned to leave. I felt as shit. I lied all the time, from the first day I saw him. I lie to myself and thought it might be just friends with to attract a guy like him, and finally to bed. I bet that at some level of , that is exactly what I was thinking is. It was like I had no consciously. I decided it would be almost impossible, but I eventually fall in love with it and move on. I mean, why do I choose ? I'm not a hottie, I'm very normal. I'm not sexy, I'm not too smart, I'm funny, witty, and athletic. the hell... I'm not even a girl! So maybe knowing that there is no possibility of help me get through this. And I can be there for him a good friend as must. After all, he deserves the best, and his smile meant everything to me. The following two weeks of school were a difficult combination of pleasure and pain. Billions of emotions ran through my body every day. Trying to be a close friend , but not too close. The attempt to make him happy, but not too happy. show I care, but not how much I care. I was playing fast and loose with my feelings, and sometimes I thought maybe it was always better. But then, Oren brushes her hair from the eyes, or throw a arm on my shoulder or leg that would be under the table to clean, and I would be all of the front. I could not stop, they just grow and grow until, literally, Tiny Nn Models had to ignore, to avoid hugging and kissing in the centerthe class. I found my eyes glaze over when talking thi see their pink lips forming each word, and I would like to remind as he hated. So I would try harder to concentrate and pay attention to s, but would be less than a minute before I was in dreamland again. It was sooo cute. He had one of those faces that never to look tired. My heart went to him every minute of the day, , and it hurt a lot to hold back from him. But I knew he would not listen it, so I locked inside, where he hoped to never find. But like the telltale heart, due to the was greater than living with him, the more I paranoid. It was, could only see in my eyes, hear my voice, and I began to withdraw from the piece by piece to try to have Tiny Nn Models some control over everything. But the more I are removed, the more he tried to approach me, and it was just to handle too much for me. Then, one day after class, while I was running a avoid playing by Oren -Discussion in class, a girl another class approached me. Her name was Stacy, and she had to be is the hottest, most beautiful in school... perhaps even in the area! But I was not really wanted. She gave me an expert cross pieces of paper and asked me to give Oren, next time I saw him. Then he smiled and walked away, and I was there left in the halls, hold this letter. That was more than a love note in my hand, which was the end... all. No doubt, once Oren found to have a piece of paper of the hottest girl in school, he was following the same routine all other guys and leave me in one of the many puppets Roaming N passageways throughout the day. Yet it would be pointless for me not to give it to him. I mean, maybe it was my freedom. Maybe I could give him and leave behind the knowledge that he is happy. Could do that, I mean, should I wait? I could never tell her how Tiny Nn Models I felt , and I could never give me as much as Iwanted, no him to figure out your best friend is gay. So what was the problem? I might as well release him and me with all the imagination dettach before I ruined everything, as I normally do. I sighed, and thought it hurt me go to him to leave, but it was time to face facts and realize that can not be easy. I'm wasting my time and yours. IN went home that night, and even Tiny Nn Models against my better resolution, I read the note. It was just beautiful. Funny how a girl as easily could summarize all the feelings I've had in one of Oren letter n. I could not have written it better himself. And on the floor was " the've been waiting for you " sign. A kind of cocky suffix if you ask me, but I was sure of it falling into the trap. I had my Stacy all the guys have been waiting a long time, and because Tiny Nn Models it is not his real name, I thought that meant he would be forced to give further instructions and be judged even more No reactions of my friend. They play the middle man, until he risked Friee for both of them up together and Tiny Nn Models lived happily ever after. Sigh... Jon be strong, that's what you want, right? the following day in class, was his usual cheerful self Oren, but I was not in mood. I was nervous, jealous, depressed, but I said I would deliver a footnote, and I would n. Class went really fast on Tiny Nn Models that day it seemed. each Recently, at the time they have taken several hours, but always with the just before the bell end of the world is always ready to sound, was the period of days in a flash \\ \\ n. The last five minutes were the worst. I knew it was almost time to him the letter, and betrayed the love of my life. I was uncontrollable trembling, and have spent the last few minutes of looking around his angelic face so you can be the last time before I left behind. The phone rang, and it took all the strength and courage he had, , but I gave it to him. I actually gave it ! Not too bright, right? I not want to see how they read, and he said he had acted strangely all day anyway, soDid not notice if I got up and left. I practically threw the letter and said, "Here," before leaving. He was a mistake I regret that it took all steps in the direction of home. I felt empty, broken, alone. How could I be so damn stupid to let this child beautiful take me to the summit the highest mountain and is not expected to be fell back into the side of the sadness that I come from? What think Tiny Nn Models it was my turn to be happy for a change? All my friends had Tiny Nn Models ido found his true Tiny Nn Models love, happiness was apparently everyone was Love fell into his lap. But not for me, I had to find and to find the struggle for love, and when I finally thought it was someone who could no. I guess life would be cruel to some people. went home crying for nearly three hours at a time when the phone rang. Who knows what to answer me, but I wiped my eyes clean and picked up the phone. As if fate had not finished laughing at me , however, was on the other sid PrayE. "J- Jon? " "Yes? " I said, trying to look as normal as possible. " Jon, my friend... You have to come ! " He said. He was very excited, obviously, in the note, and I knew it would be torture hearing him talk about it. Prima now was my chance to be heard by him, to talk about suffering his new love life and future sex life. Rub on my face, I remember that I gave up, and have lost for no other reason that I was afraid to open your mouth and say something if I had the opportunity to n. Thanks to Stacy, I'll remember this when coming back wing of the meeting of the 10 years of that has gained 100 Tiny Nn Models pounds and growing a mustache. I thought that up an excuse, but Oren was one of those people that I could not just to say no. "Okay... I'm coming. " " How soon be here ?Hurry ! " "Okay... I'm coming. " I repeated, as boring as the last time. I I thought if you only have one last chance to see this cute smile is, that it could accept. I got on my bike and went home, almostI was greeted at the door and led me inside. The expression on his face was indescribable, so full of light, so full of s joy. It took only ten times better. "Jon... I do not know what I to do with my life, I'm speechless," he said, practically jumping up and down. It was almost funny to see him so happy, I had not laughed when I was a so much pain. " eh, who read the letter? " " Yes, it was great. I was surprised, I mean, I would never have value to put in a letter. I Tiny Nn Models mean, I dreamed about a \\ \\ n for a long time, but I never had a chance in hell! "Ha! The same Oren remembered thinking that he has no chance in hell someone with ridiculous. I think Stacy was destined to fall in love with him before ot later. All the girls were in school. I guess the note very small made ​​him happy, happier than I ever did anyway. I think it's time to cut my losses and move on, at least I know he's going to have someone. God was s so special to me. " Not a chance ? Of course, had a chance, you are one of the hottest guys in school. Hehehe, I'm surprised that does not happen until now. "I said. "me too! But yes, it finally happened. Jon... I want you to know... I feel the same way, man ! " Oren said, his smile threatens to tear apart faces when it was above zero. Well, at least now I know that Stacy likes too. As I said, he will be happy. Maybe it n still gather from time to time. Maybe I'll break in a few weeks and you need a shoulder to mourn. I'll be here for him if you need me. I'll always be here. "Good friend, I'm glad. I hope that everything works. " I said and gave him all the is the wrong wishings good as I could muster. It hurt, oh man did hurt, but that was what I wanted and what I wanted for him. He s is 3 months, and that he had given me much to look forward. as a review of 20 years from now, if I remember I what true love really feels. that when something happens that we I know whatdoes not connect here. Oren spent, and hugged me tightly around the neck. " There are no Jon. I have never loved anyone that much. I love you too Jon, above all else. Thank you. " Then, before he could brain even process what that was going on, let go, and kissed me on the lips. He took me by surprise and I felt weak and powerless breathless. I think the shock came over me and secure , tripping over the edge of a chair and fall back against a wall. I have my head and slid to the ground. "Jon ? Are you okay ?" Asked Oren, half interested, half smiling. I was... I could not believe it... My mind went completely blank. no words Do you come to the surface could be described without feelings, or said. I sat there when everything was wondring real, or if I wakes up in a second and have to change the sheets sticky again. " I'm fine. " Oren looked at me for a moment, while I have my senses. ", you know,I only said I loved you too, might be a little happy. "He joked. not know what to say so, like me, or why could not just let down my defenses and enjoy the kiss. I had been waiting for 3 months at a time and the second I get it, I mess up and quick to my concussion in the process. I said, " Hey man.. I did not write that letter s Is Stacy. "" Yes, of course. "I was joking, but I saw it, and saw the answer to my expression. Their joy quickly faded, and I saw his face in a melt look of pain that almost had tears in his eyes. His smile \\ \\ n first to go, his eyes lost their youthful glow, and then dropped his shoulder , then turned the rest of it in sections of Sorrows standing front of me. looked at the letter his hand again, " You... you mean... not writing? You are not... " That s been waiting for? " There was so much pain in his voice, so much shame and despair. I could not answer, I couldJust shook his head. " Oh... oh God... Jon... I'm so... embarrassing. I... I... Look, this is not done good. None of that matters. Sorry. just... just... forget it. "When I looked again, there were two small streams of tears come that flows from his bright blue eyes. His lips trembled, and s been up and down in tight circles. He always felt his sobs strong and gave it back and try to hide their shame me. But he was hurt and the pain was due to his forehead and showin back, inside and out. I got the floor and put my arms around him from behind. Why not going to say ? The mystery is gone, the risk is gone, the love was real... Why could not I say the damn word ? ? ? She choked, refused to come, I am told and forced to skin in the dungeon, where I stayed for oh so long had been closed. I felt her tears on his face and dropped in my n arm and forced me to ProDuce tears of my own. " Why, why not me? " Pray sobbed. "Why do not you be so the Tiny Nn Models other, why is it so hard to get my attention?". He began to mourn harder, her whole body shook with pain " Oh God, if Jon... You do not love me, I am not worthy to breathe the air. " hugged me tighter and wished I had the power, and would like to they say, only once. I cried as hard as he was, and then, as if in the reflections, gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Enough", screamed and moved away from me. " You see that is making things worse, I thought I especially girls and children, better than they were. The drop found by the best friend of her s instead of what they had. But now I'm in the the other side of it, and you Tiny Nn Models know what sucks ! Now I know how much I hurts. God, I am no better than them. Jon could not help, please I believe. is that you were so wonderful, they treated me like a real person , and have heard my problems. you were the first person to eVHE trustworthy. I... I could not... " Then he started crying spells , and lay with his face forward in her bed. He hit the mattress with his fist and say how much of what it was, and broke it \\ \\ n a hole in my being. Then, suddenly opened the magic box. the words fell on my lips, the acceleration at the surface to be stale in captivity for so long. But it was not always easy to say. first I just formed the words. then drove to a whisper, then a speech shy, low. But Oren was crying very hard to hear me, his face No buried in a pillow. was then that I felt go to bed and got on top of it, my chest is resting on the back as he continued to mourn and squirm. No I put my mouth to his ear and whispered once the nice words back to get his sound sexy to say easier and easier all time. " I love you too, Oren. More than anything else. " I said, and gave me a kiss n him on the cheek the tear soaked again. ShouldI heard that time, as the sobs quited a bit more and began to relax. I bent to kiss his soft cheek again, your skin soft and delicately sucked into my mouth, and this time I took the time to enjoy it. I was n relax even more to turn your head slightly to allow him to Tiny Nn Models kiss her more her creamy skin. It was then I realized that Tiny Nn Models 's exactly what I was doing ! I kissed him ! Pray kissed, and he did! Oh wow! I could feel his breath on me, I could taste the salt tingling on the tongue of her tears, my Tiny Nn Models nose was actually buried in the castles of his soft blonde hair. My heart was pounding, my head was spinning, and I was so on with all I ever want to close in life, it was scares me. I was afraid of her, the feelings I had, the request for , all to myself about Oren and be one with the child that had been gradually changing life and every day since we met. " Are you serious ?... Please, please say yes. " He whispEred, eyes closed throwing the breath of him in heavy industry, long-winded sighs. I was is still on top of it, and I felt his hips on the bed, then get Tiny Nn Models press a curvilinear shape in my ass in front of the scroll bar in the back on the mattress. Feeling my cock, now hard as a rock, falling gently among its soft cheeks with me going Tiny Nn Models so involuntarilly, and the feeling I got was beyond amazing. not, whispered to me was: " Pray.. Yes I love you" this him moaning loudly, and arms extended hours in front of him when he arched her back and stretched below me. I felt her soft body tense, and my hands roamed the subtle curves of the sides. While spreading, buried his face in the pillow and his body was tight and firm, but still retain that skinny "green " quality, s stretches like a cat below me. I whispered : "I need Tiny Nn Models to Pray So say the worse, please say you belong to me.. " Pray moaned againeven stronger. My voice made ​​him something fierce, and I felt so good I know, I was thrilled beyond your wildest dreams. He pushed me more and I had to push my cock harder in his, not to keep out of bed. that moaned with a teenage high pitch whining, and her hips rolled mad at me like the way that he could not get enough. I was almost ready cum already. My body was paralyzed by emotion, my mind was lost in the time, and my heart... my heart found a new purpose, and seemed to collect an additional blow, just for him. " Oren said Pleeeeaaase them. N Tiny Nn Models say that you. I love you, I love you so. " I knew that drives crazy, I knew he was mad with passion, and I wanted to fulfill his all fantasies. I wanted him to know that my love was forever, and its spectacular beauty s as gentle and kind spirit personality, was not one time without being noticed. I got under it and put my hands on her little ERECt nipples. I rubbed through the shirt and yelled. " Yes.. yes, Jon, can I have. That I love you too. I loved you so long. " I was almost sob, and I Tiny Nn Models could feel the raw emotion in Tiny Nn Models me, that passes through it. We s been a feeling, a thousand times larger than the lot or consumed joy, and we were so full of emotion that the tears shed on our faces when linked to the erotic bed. I bent to kiss fills the back of your neck, nose to the smell of the fragrance to your hair, and lay down again. This time I put my hands on the entire length of her slender figure, and my fingertips felt the light unevenness of his ribs on his way south. Then, the hardness of his apartment in the chest was interrupted by the incredible delicacy of her soft belly. was all very hot, and my hands were in a position beneath the shirt to go annoy your navel. I wish I could see it with my own eyes, navel was very kind to me, only a small oval cavity, only superficialough Tiny Nn Models probably see on the ground from a distance. Her skin was sexy gentle on the stomach, like an ocean of hot cream. with my fingers in it caused goose bumps running down my spine. All Files. Pray, as I was grinding my ass cheeks in her ass was perfect, so round, soft gelatin is my balloons cock massage in a way that I do not think you can imagine. Its soil was a cushion majestic perfection spongy feel to move the muscles customer with ease, was simply stunning. I pushed my cock into hard for him and only wanted more. The circuit was a sensual wrestling match between us, and I took advantage of his soft belly to pull it over takes me. He was carrying his bed, his Tiny Nn Models cock swollen and frustrated by the lack of attention, and tried to contain my angel kisses, when his head moves back and forth constantly. It was to the lifting of her elbows, arch your back forcing sexy me even deeper into it. I let my handsmove down, and ran over his swollen cock. He trembled violently if they played, and shouted in a desperate Wow, that was ooohhh so cute. She grabbed my pants and felt the hard steel the length of his penis in my hand and I had to have more. I was sort of able to zip his pants and unbutton any link, and once I realized s what I did was crazy with anticipation. " Yes, hurry up Jon... mmmm... hurry up! " I fumbled around until s is able to carry out was to open Tiny Nn Models and I reached into his underwear. The first contact was like heaven, and lightning pierced the two of us. He drove five inches and a - half hard in my hand when I touched it, and heat comes threatened by it, that burns me. He complained very strong, and her ass n molded tightly around me. He pushed into my hand again and again, bombs, pull, push, moaning, and with each thrust, her soft ass o irritate me hot. Pray put his hands behind his backpull your pants o thighs beneath me, and I was able to do the same. Raised hs shirt and ground him in touch with me like crazy, our bare skin, to the first time. Her cheeks were so mature, so deliciously soft and flexible y firm and round. God... how long I've waited for this moment. that was not only let him go with me now move, I now piling. I felt his balls touch my hand on each down stroke, and t any premium, which the soft skin of your lower abdomen, sprinkled with the best silky pubic hair ever. I was nibbling her ear, and realized that is over all, the two were still mourn, still overcome with , knowing that we were not alone, we feel the same way. knowing that in a world full of disappointments, disaggreements, prejudice, hatred, depression and pain... Two Hearts is still possible found each other and beat as one. In the end, I love conquer all. He was new to the area. I thought it might last longer, I Maybe you can not resist the temptation to give me an orgasm the century. But I realized without notice, the depth of the structure of me, forcing me to shake violently at the top of Oren. We both breathless and dizzy and that's when I whispered, " Mmmm.... I.. I love you soooo much.... Jon... " And I realized that this is not Tiny Nn Models just that I loved... Oren was somene. This was the son that made me laugh, I nearly lost, I could not live without... and as she turned her head to one side and our lips met for the second time it was all over for us. His body tensed and I felt the spasms of his hard throbbing cock like the cum shot from long loud explosions n in the bedding. At the same time shot from his tongue in my the mouth, and my cock fell into perfect ass crack, and I cried when I shot high Seemen the crack and back, hit us together as we attemTenant to return to the land of such great peak. My breathing slow, my heart stopped hurting me by as soon as I turned my normal body temperture, and finally, our muscles we will rest. I rolled by Oren and his hypnotic blue eyes stayed in my soul. We watched for a few minutes and only as I thought it could not feel, no more "beautiful"... He leaned over me in me and kissed me. It tasted so sweet, and hot tears flow more my cheeks, mingling with him, and knew immediately that there was no to be alone again. We went to lick and kiss each other for what must have been a hours. And all the while never spoke a word, it might W ends with a full set anyway, so we went there. that could not even kiss him without eye contact. Believing that all the time I was looking for love, and I found another child. The nicest child in the world nothing less. And he loved me too... What are the odds. at anyanother time I thought that fate was laughing at me, but this time it was finally throw me a bone. The destination was finally told me Tiny Nn Models " Here, boy, you've suffered enough. Now this gift, and enjoy itself. " We put in bed, arms, breathing in line, and just when I thought the tears stop, all start again. I had never been this close to anyone. No critic in the morning the mirror, I no longer asked if they ever do in this crazy world, no hurt feelings or waste time asking what he had done to deserve as a tricky business. I love a perfect love with a Perfect blonde lover found. One would be to the end of time and the last well. " You know... we'll finally have to stop to mourn. " Said Oren, smiled and wiped her cheeks clear, salty strips. " Hehehe, how can you assume, right? " I replied, and he kissed me the cheek before whispering in my ear the same joke again, so Pop laughter. It juSan got more fun every time we heard it, and laughed at me at once. He was great! What was the joke? Ah, Do not worry. It's stupid. You may not be able to do it anyway. I I guess it has to be in love, to really understand anyway. ----------------------------------------------- ---------------- This is iT people ! The first new history of comics in a warehouse months. I hope you enjoyed it. Any information, whether you liked or not, in the comedy ' tv. estimated net or stop by my place in the n http://www. comedy. com ( Do not forget to write in the guestbook !)
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